Months of the Year List

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List of the Months of the Year in English


List of the Months of the Year With Abbreviation


Month Abbreviation
January Jan.
February Feb.
March Mar.
April Apr.
May May
June Jun.
July Jul.
August Aug.
September Sep.
October Oct.
November Nov.
December Dec.

List of the Months of the Year With Abbreviation and Number of Days in Each Month

Alas, below is the months of the year, the abbreviations for those months, and the number of days in each corresponding months. Fun fact (and important to note) the month of February doesn’t always have 28 days. In fact, once every four years the month of February has 29 days due to leap year day. Each year the 365 day calendar is “off” by 1/4th of a day. Instead of having one quarter day, the world instead waits for that 1/4th to culminate in one full day which is observed on February 29th every fourth year.

Month Abbreviation Days
January Jan. 31
February Feb. 28
March Mar. 31
April Apr. 30
May May 31
June Jun. 30
July Jul. 31
August Aug. 31
September Sep. 30
October Oct. 31
November Nov. 30
December Dec. 31

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